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fibre cement products

Flexible. Durable. Affordable.

As a composite material, fibre cement is flexible, durable and affordable. Used by both residential and commercial clients, fibre cement is ideal for roofing, ceiling and façade projects. H&D Building Supplies offer delivery of fibre cement and sheeting throughout Newcastle, Maitland and Port Stephens.

Need energy efficient cladding or lining? Fibre cement is the answer. This material requires very little maintenance and is one of the most environmentally friendly wall materials. Not only that, fibre cement is also less susceptible to termites and fungal decay and will not warp in hot weather!

Our team works with both CSR and Hume Doors & Timber to provide reliable fibre cement products for clients throughout the region. Whether you’re creating a traditional or modern look at your property—get in touch with H&D Building Supplies to place your order today!


CSR is a leading manufacturer of gyprock, fibre cement and plasterboard in Australia. From bulk sheets to finishing products, CSR has both domestic and commercial projects covered!

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Hume Doors & Timber

Hume Doors & Timber products are optimised for design and function, with high-quality cement fibre sheets for all types of buildings. Protect the outside of your home or business with these reliable products!

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