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Trade Specialists

Building Products

For professional building products in Port Stephens, talk to H&D Building Supplies today. Our team provides fast, efficient delivery straight to your worksite. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, we bring more than 40 years’ experience to every job. Count on us to provide in-depth advice and high-quality products when you need them.

Get in touch with our team to order building products like:

Olympus Lever Set — H&D Building Supplies in Port Stephens, NSW

Are you completing a home or business project in Port Stephens? We will ensure you have the best tools and equipment for the job!

Our Hardware Range

If you need hardware for a renovation or construction job in Port Stephens, H&D Building Supplies will deliver the best products for the job. We work with proven industry leaders like Bradford, One Trim and Soudal, among others. As trade specialists, we offer insights and recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

Wood Lumber — H&D Building Supplies in Port Stephens, NSW

We stock and deliver the following hardware:

Not only can we at H&D Building Supplies deliver hardware straight to your worksite, but we also provide accurate quotes, so you can weigh up your options. Let our trade specialists help you source the hardware you need to get the job done. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or fitting out a commercial property in Port Stephens, we’re here for you.

Over more than 40 years of operation, we’ve built strong connections with a trusted network of distributors and manufacturers.

LPG Transport — H&D Building Supplies in Port Stephens, NSW

Gas Refills

If you need the gas refilled at your home or business in Port Stephens, book an appointment with our team today. We offer gas refills service throughout the region!

Cans Of Paint And Brush — H&D Building Supplies in Port Stephens, NSW

Colour Matching

For reliable colour matching services, get in touch today! We will accurately determine the right colours for your paints and finishes in Port Stephens.

Electrician At Work — H&D Building Supplies in Port Stephens, NSW

Test & Tag

Is your motorhome due for a test and tag? We provide electrical inspections for commercial properties in Port Stephens and surrounds.

Tools & Paint

H&D Building Supplies is here to ensure you have access to the very best tools and paint available on the market. Working with lead suppliers like Haymes, Dy-Mark, Wattyl and more, our team can help you source the right colours, finishes and tools for the job. In fact, we have 40+ years’ experience assisting clients throughout Port Stephens.

Tools — H&D Building Supplies in Port Stephens, NSW

We deliver the following products:

And more!

Our team will always go the extra mile for clients, ensuring reliable advice, accurate quotes and honest recommendations that are tailored to the project. We work with a huge network of trusted distributors, and this gives our clients the ability to choose from a range of options. Make sure your fabrication, construction or renovation job goes exactly as planned!

If you are not sure where to begin on your project in Port Stephens, get in touch with H&D Building Supplies on 02 4987 2860. We can walk you through your options and provide advice as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends on the area you’re painting. If your home receives a lot of natural light, then this should factor into your decision. Try to limit the number of different colours to two, per room. Once you’ve limited the number of colours you like, conduct a test on the wall.

Safety PPE is designed to protect all vulnerable areas on the human body. Some examples include protection for your eyes, ears, hands, feet, head, body and lungs.

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas. MIG relies on the use of a feed wire that is constantly moves through the torch to form the weld. This process tends to be faster. TIG, instead, requires manually feeding a long rod of filler material throughout the process.

This means that a one-sided ladder should be placed one foot away from the building or wall for every four feet of height. So, if the top of your ladder is resting against the wall 12 feet off the ground, the bottom needs to be 3 feet from the wall.

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