Safety PPE Newcastle

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Trade Specialists

Protect Your Workers

To ensure compliance at your worksite, talk to H&D Building Supplies today. Our team will deliver safety PPE for all types of clients throughout the region, including in Newcastle, Maitland and Port Stephens. We offer a range of reliable clothing and equipment to ensure your workers are protected on the job.


Our safety PPE includes:

Working with Australian PPE manufacturer, Maxisafe, we deliver these products to worksites throughout the region. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, having adequate PPE is never a bad thing. Our trade specialists will help you determine the right kind of protection for work you’re doing. To learn more, get in touch with H&D Building Supplies and organise a quote with our skilled team today.


As a trusted supplier of safety equipment, Maxisafe offer everything from head protection to height safety equipment. Tested to Aussie conditions and standards, these products are reliable, durable and made to last.

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